What to do after purchasing a domain name?

You’ve purchased your domain name. Whether you bought one for your online business, for a website, or a blog, you will need to know the things to do after purchasing one. This post will let you know exactly what to do after purchasing your domain, and exactly how to do it.

Choose a Hosting Plan

Once you’ve arranged a domain name for yourself, the next thing you need to do is get a web host for the domain. A domain and hosting are two of the main things needed to construct a website.

Hosting will be needed if you want your website to be displayed on the internet for users to visit. There are many web hosts that offer a variety of plans and options for you to choose from.

Create a Custom Domain

A professional email is something that is necessary for your business to be perceived as a more professional and polished business.

Use a custom domain, which has your domain at the end, instead of something like user@gmail.com.

Setup Matching Social Media Handles

It is vital for businesses to have a social media presence for advertising, reaching out to customers, and more. The next thing to do is to match all your business social media accounts with your company name or domain name.

In some cases, it proves beneficial to look for social media names availability before deciding upon your domain name as if not, it makes matching social media to your website more difficult.

Get Dedicated Phone Numbers

It would be incredibly inconvenient to use your personal phone number for your business. No matter the business size, if you get any amount of visitors and calls, it is a good investment to purchase a business phone system.

A good option would be a cloud-based system, an example of which is Dialpad, which can be easily used for your business for communications.

Begin Developing your Website

Now that you’ve purchased a host for your domain, matched social media accounts, and gotten a custom email, the next step is to start building your website.

Regardless of the purpose of your website, it is recommended to hire a professional developer or purchase online tools that can make the developing process simpler. Make sure to keep improving and developing your website as your business grows and expands further.

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